Featured image courtesy of Gawker

In honor of Black Music Month, and in keeping in mind its obligation to keep Black African self-determination at the forefront of Our people’s minds, the AllEyesOnDC Show explored the cultural and business aspects of Black music during the June edition of the monthly program at Sankofa Video Books & Cafe in Northwest.

Two panels featured Black musicians of different generations making a mark in the go-go, R&B, and international music genres. The OGs of the Music Game panel included Afro-Go-Go futurist Swamp Guinee, famed D.C. saxophonist K.O., and rooted songstress Afi Soul, each of whom spoke about how they used their craft to lead the masses toward Mama Africa and rich culture and history of the Diaspora. The panelists also spoke about protecting their intellectual property and wholeness of their sound.

After a musical performance from Charles O’More, Dusty of Tru Expressionz go-go band and R&B singer Ihsan Bilal, representing The New School,  graced the stage to speak about how they’ve used social media to broaden their appeal and connect with their audiences. Dusty, a millennial who lives in Northwest, spoke about how he parlayed his work in the go-go industry into videography and clothing. Bilal, an alumna of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, said she used her music as a force to unify and create a cultural understanding.

Watch the video above to get a full understanding of the magic that took place on The AllEyesOnDC Show.