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August 2015

Panel Discusses Healthy Black Male-Female Relationships

Four members of the community joined Sam P.K. Collins in the discussion about positive male-female relationships in the black community. How do they look? How do we foster them? Why is this discussion important?

Filmmaker Discusses New Film about Crack Cocaine and Black Families in D.C.

D.C. filmmaker Naeemah Powell discussed her new film “Through the Eyes of the Children” on AllEyesOnDC. The film explores the impact of crack-cocaine on D.C. families through her experiences and that of other Millennials.

Activist Ron Moton Asks “When Will Black Lives Matter to Us?”

Live stream interview from the Aug. 14 AllEyesOnDC "Bridging the Gap" series at We Act Radio.

Local Regulator Shuts Down Exelon-Pepco Merger

"When this proposed deal was discussed, the joint applicants had to meet their burden in showing that it was in the public interest."

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