Just a day or so before protests erupted in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, AllEyesOnDC reasoned, once again, with Professor W.Z. Cross and Dr. Amos Sirleaf, pioneers of Blacology, a theoretical framework through which people of African descent define the Black struggle on their own terms. 

Sam P.K. Collins interviews Professor W.Z. Cross (top left) and Dr. Amos Sirleaf (bottom).

As longtime supporters of AllEyesOnDC may recall, Professor Cross and Dr. Sirleaf sat down with AllEyesOnDC in 2015, not long after Bro. Sam and others returned from Ethiopia. During that time, the trio also discussed the effects of the Maafa and brainwashing on the psyche of African people globally.

The trauma of enslavement and colonialism affirms the need for a new paragim. As such, the discipline of Blacology centers around people using information about our revolutionary past to build a new global African society. Amid what some people are calling a (supposed) changing of the tide, that goal has proven relevant, now more than ever for those continuing the work of our ancestors in the struggle. 

During an hour-long videoconference, Professor Cross and Dr. Sirleaf discussed the history of Blacology, coronavirus as a form of germ warfare, how best to actualize Pan-African unification, and the brainwashing of the African masses via religion and media. Unsurprisingly, such topics, explored in the context of African Liberation Day, would have just as much relevance in the first days of June, as African people, and those of other ethnicities, across the United States took to the streets and clashed with police and military personnel. 

Though these actions are considered noble in the eyes of liberal-minded race apologists, a more sustainable strategy is in order. Manifesting a society in which Black Africans have control over all aspects of their daily affairs starts with raising the collective consciousness of the Diaspora so that African people identify as such, and exclusively build in solidarity with other Africans.

Now’s not the time to align with the false values of the colonizer society that’s the United States. Whether one is protesting or not, Black people must form a vision centered on wholistic revolution, not piecemeal reform. 

Please watch the video and get an understanding, from two elders in the movement for Pan-African consciousness, about the foundation that’s needed to usher in a new African-centered paradigm.