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June 2012

Go-Go Live: A Good Read for Any DC Resident

There are many parallels between life in the District and New Orleans. Black people have a rich history in both city reflected in their music. As both cities ¬†undergo a transformation, the way of life as many Black residents have... Continue Reading →

Vice – President Biden’s Appeal to Black Journalists at the NABJ Convention

The business of Washington still follows me even as I travel to New Orleans this week. ¬†I was among hundreds of journalists present at the 37th annual NABJ Convention and Career Fair. Vice - President Joe Biden was the keynote... Continue Reading →

NETROOTS Weekend, Day 2: Beyond the Panels and Meeting Occupy Providence

The SEIU sponsored an event at the Dorrence in downtown Providence; not too far from my residence for the week. It included karaoke and an open bar. The college student inside me was ecstatic. Surprisingly so, I did not really... Continue Reading →

NETROOTS Weekend, Day 1: The Power of Our Stories

With so many wrongs to right in the world, it's difficult to balance my obligation to the truth with adhering to the rules of the craft. In trying to do so, I buried some parts of my life story deep... Continue Reading →

NETROOTS Weekend 2012 – Come Follow Me On the Journey of a Lifetime

Greetings to all of the loyal readers of AllEyesOnDC,This week, I am not in DC but on my way to Providence, RI for the conference of a life time named Netroots Nation. Included in this conference is a series of... Continue Reading →

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