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Brothers and sisters, the next time you’re tempted to do away with the entire opposite gender of your race based on the actions of one, or a few, scorned lovers of the past, please take a second to consider that those who have wronged you may be dealing with trauma from which they need to heal, or, just like many of Us, are caught up in a sea of perspectives, customs and traditions about love and sexuality that’s unbecoming of conscious African-centered women and men.

As our three panelists, each of whom touched on the spiritual, mental, and financial aspects of Black Love, clearly articulated on the May 11th special edition of The AllEyesOnDC Show, the latter is often the case in matters involving Black men and women embroiled in toxic relationships. In failing to become our most best selves, We plague our outlook on dating and fall short in inspiring the best out of Our partner.

That’s why We must revamp the dialogue and prioritize the procreation of healthy children and families, ensured through the union between conscious Black men and women. Without the culturally rich experience an African-centered rites-of-passage, those of Us who don’t have knowledge of self struggle to develop a healthy identity in this spiritually unbalanced society.

By taking on habits and thoughts that lower Our vibration, We don’t ascend to greater heights in consciousness, and in turn, look for, and expect, the wrong qualities in our partners, often dictated to us by a foreign ideology centered exclusively on accentuated physical attributes, vanity, and other asinine markers of success in the Babylon system.

A lack of love for self, and that for the opposite sex, manifests differently in the spiritual, mental, and financial realms, all to the detriment of the nuclear family. Without prioritizing Our holistic development, in the interest of Our sanity and community welfare, Nation building no longer becomes the focus. This insanity must stop!

In classic AllEyesOnDC form, this panel provides the keys essential to becoming the best person possible for your partner, and the African nation at large. Watch, enjoy, and spread the word.