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Criminal Justice

D.C. Police Harass Black People Uptown, Too

We often shed light on the experiences of our sisters and brothers living east of the Anacostia River, in the lower-income neighborhoods with a significant Black population. It's gotten to the point where issues affecting Black people in Ward 4, one of D.C.'s more culturally diverse areas, get swept under the rug.


Local Healer Fights to Clear His Name

“My situation’s no different from any Black man who’s been accosted by a belligerent white man."

Beyond the DNC: Philly’s Black People Speak

The Democratic National Convention showed that Philly is definitely a tale of two cities.

Questions Linger in Alonzo Smith Case

Questions about what caused Alonzo Smith's death remain unanswered.

#OurLivesMatter: One Year Later

"Right now, I don’t have that much of an influence but I still want to be a leader. The Boys & Girls Club can help me get there.”

Anti-Violence Campaign Kicks Off in Prince George’s County

“Everyone that’s outside of the establishment is supporting this movement. That’s why it’s huge."

Police Union Contracts: The Ultimate Get-out-of-Jail Free Card

A deep look at police union contracts sheds light on the totality of what legal scholars describe as the egregious legal protections awarded to officers when they inflict bodily harm against civilians.

Wilson High School Reels from Gun Incident

Despite concerns about safety and the increased presence of Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers on the premises, the Tenleytown-based school has maintained some normalcy. Some students have taken the changes lightly, saying they hope to move on with their lives.

Black College Students Show the Power of Unity

The daylong event came on the heel of successful uprisings at universities across the country, each one fueled by frustrations about what black students have described as an institutional lack of regard for the daily hardships they endure and white supremacy’s chokehold on higher education.

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