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March 2016

A Moment with Nana Malaya Rucker

In this AllEyesOnDC video, Nana Malaya Rucker, a student of August Wilson, John Henrik Clarke, and other prominent African figures and scholars, reflects on her coming of age, how she rose in African consciousness, and the hurdles that she faced in her pursuit of international stardom.

Trayon White Reemerges as Grassroots Candidate

With the Ward 8 council seat up for grabs once again, White, now equipped with a team that includes opponents turned allies, has refined his message and taken more of a direct approach in showing residents that he can best represent them at a time when development and displacement go hand in hand for many longtime Washingtonians.

Sa-Roc the MC Receives a Hometown Hero’s Welcome at Sankofa

More than 24 hours before gracing the stage at Liv Nightclub, a small audience that included fans, family members, and friends got to know the lyricist more intimately.

McKenton Talks about D.C. Lingo & His Growing Comedy Empire

For the last three years, D.C.-born comedian McKenton has regaled audiences around the country with his quips about his life and facets of the human experience. A unique part of his comedy centers on his use of slang indigenous to... Continue Reading →

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