2015 LogoFounded in 2012, officially launched in 2015, AllEyesOnDC is an African-centered, grassroots media organization that features people of African descent (including African-Americans, continental Africans, Caribbean, etc.) and highlights topics relevant to the self-determination of Africans locally, nationally and globally.

The name of this media organization speaks to Washington, D.C.’s significance as a seat of power in local, national, and global affairs. For the last decade or so, Africans with generations of history in the District have experienced gentrification and mass displacement. AllEyesOnDC makes the case that We as Africans who claim D.C. as home must take care of it first, for if Africans can’t excel here, Our situation is hopeless elsewhere.

What’s Grassroots News? 

Photo for AllEyesOnDC Flyer
Sam P.K. Collins

Grassroots news, according to AllEyesOnDC founder and host Sam P.K. Collins, fulfills the following criteria:
• Invokes a sense of pride within African men and women by accurately centering African voices and their experiences.
• Propagandizes the global Black struggle for self-determination at a time when mainstream forces are co-opting fringe liberation movements.
• Leads the charge for action in the global African community through various means, including those highlighted on a grassroots news platform.

Understand that AllEyesOnDC isn’t the first or singular African-centered news organization to adopt this style of journalism. AllEyesOnDC stands on the shoulders of John B. Russworm, Sam Cornish, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Ida B. Wells, and others who have used the media as a vehicle for revolutionary change.