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The Rhythm People Coalition Takes over Dallas

Not even torrential downpour in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area could snuff out the drumbeat that connects people of African descent across the globe. Nor could it deter a small, but powerful, group of artists and activists from fulfilling their vision of enlightening others about the power of said drumbeat in uniting the African Diaspora.

Guests, Viewers Received the Keys to Nation Building on Inauguration Night

We developed the Jan. 20th event, themed “Building a Black Nation in the U.S.” understanding that, at the most basic level, non-melanated people, and their melanated accomplices, oppress working class Black people politically, economically, and socially.

Conference Brings “Truth2Power” for Black Women

Long before Europeans colonized the Motherland and forever changed the course of history, African people lived communally and women sat at the helm of various societies as gatherers, healers, and advisors. Centuries later, gaining and applying that ancestral knowledge remains... Continue Reading →

A Moment with Nana Malaya Rucker

In this AllEyesOnDC video, Nana Malaya Rucker, a student of August Wilson, John Henrik Clarke, and other prominent African figures and scholars, reflects on her coming of age, how she rose in African consciousness, and the hurdles that she faced in her pursuit of international stardom.

McKenton Talks about D.C. Lingo & His Growing Comedy Empire

For the last three years, D.C.-born comedian McKenton has regaled audiences around the country with his quips about his life and facets of the human experience. A unique part of his comedy centers on his use of slang indigenous to... Continue Reading →

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