The Youth Speak!Attention families, camps, after school program coordinators, and independent education groups!

In addition to galvanizing people through grassroots journalism,  Brother Sam also serves as an educator, hosting workshops that help young people explore parts of the writing process and journalism industry. Below is information about The AllEyesOnDC Youth Personal Narrative Writing Workshop, available for groups of 10 to 15 middle and high-school age students. 

Writing Personal Youth Narratives

Young people have stories to tell about the experiences and people that have shaped their short, but impactful lives. Without the proper tools to express themselves, our youth may fall victim to negative external forces that bring about mental illness, intracommunity violence, and other societal ills.

Middle and high-school age participants in The AllEyesOnDC Youth Personal Narrative Writing Workshop learn the elements of storytelling, explore the circumstances of their life, and improve their reading and writing as they construct a story of their own. Personal narratives that youth conceptualize and complete within seven sessions will appear in a Youth Anthology.

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