For the last three years, D.C.-born comedian McKenton has regaled audiences around the country with his quips about his life and facets of the human experience. A unique part of his comedy centers on his use of slang indigenous to Washingtonians.

In recent months, McKenton has taken his talents to the Internet with “Storytime with a D.C.N*gga” and other clips featuring members of High Quality Band along with other local celebrities. These videos, along with other material on Instagram and other social media platforms, quickly made him a favorite among Washingtonians scattered across the country. McKenton’s growing catalogue also speaks to the lengths he’ll go to put D.C. on the map as a hub of comedic talent.

During a recent interview with AllEyesOnDC host and founder Sam P.K. Collins, McKenton touched on the need for local artists and media figures to support one another. He also talked about how he plans to preserve the D.C. culture and rep for the home team through his comedy. As you’ll be able to tell by listening to the clip, the audience at Sankofa Video Books & Café loved this man, a sign that black people of all backgrounds can play a part in the Pan-African liberation struggle.