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Criminal Justice

Wilson High School Reels from Gun Incident

Despite concerns about safety and the increased presence of Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers on the premises, the Tenleytown-based school has maintained some normalcy. Some students have taken the changes lightly, saying they hope to move on with their lives.

Black College Students Show the Power of Unity

The daylong event came on the heel of successful uprisings at universities across the country, each one fueled by frustrations about what black students have described as an institutional lack of regard for the daily hardships they endure and white supremacy’s chokehold on higher education.

Drawing Inspiration from Rosa Parks in Our Fight Against the System

The question remains of whether we’ll follow in the footsteps of our Alabaman ancestors can carry out this boycott in D.C. and across the country in full force.

Residents, Activists Weigh In On Mayor Bowser’s Policing Proposal

"Some [of these] people are just trying to get over their past. They should be given a second chance to prove themselves to society.”

Thoughts of Millennials Who Didn’t Attend ‘Justice or Else’

Earlier this month, thousands of people of African descent converged on Downtown D.C. to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. The event, themed “Justice or Else!” attracted black men, women, and children from across the country eager... Continue Reading →

UDC Students Find Hope In Tony Lewis, Jr.’s Message

  By his 11th birthday, Tony Lewis, Jr.’s father, alleged head of a D.C. drug syndicate, had served nearly two years of a life sentence in a federal penitentiary on the other side of the country. HIs mother also developed... Continue Reading →

Filmmaker Discusses New Film about Crack Cocaine and Black Families in D.C.

D.C. filmmaker Naeemah Powell discussed her new film “Through the Eyes of the Children” on AllEyesOnDC. The film explores the impact of crack-cocaine on D.C. families through her experiences and that of other Millennials.

Activist Ron Moton Asks “When Will Black Lives Matter to Us?”

Live stream interview from the Aug. 14 AllEyesOnDC "Bridging the Gap" series at We Act Radio.

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