Maka Taylor (courtesy photo) 

The AllEyesOnDC Show serves as a beacon of grassroots journalism by giving the District’s realest, and often overlooked residents a voice in matters concerning them. It proved no different on April 19 when Maka Taylor, a St. Louis transplant and political aficionado graced the stage at Sankofa Video Books & Cafe.

Since arriving to the District ten years ago, Maka Taylor, a mother of three, has forced her way into the most unconventional of spaces, including the downtown-based think tanks from which policy gets written. As a Black single mother who has often felt the brunt of institutional neglect, Ms. Taylor said she wants to connect others in her situation to the powers that be, so they would better be able to make a case that they too deserve the basic necessities the Babylon system often denies mothers, children, and other vulnerable members of society.

In the process, Ms. Taylor, an avowed independent, said she has faced opposition from all over – including from other single mothers. On the April 19th show, she didn’t harbor any hostility toward those she said ignored her. Rather, she made the case for better organizing and support around Black single mothers, a demographic she said lacks collectivism despite significant entrepreneurial strides made over the last few years. .

Watch this video, and get a glimpse of what Ms. Taylor envisions for herself and other Black single mothers using the little time they have to self-advocate and speak on behalf of others facing similar trials and tribulations.