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Revolutionary Education, Explained

PHOTO: Children at a Freedom School, an iteration of self-determined Black African education that popped up in the 1960s and 70s (Courtesy Photo) In a system that attacks Black African people from all angles, it’s imperative that education becomes wholistic... Continue Reading →

We Failed to Fully Manifest Malcolm X’s Vision

When the time comes for concerted action, all We can offer is reactionary movement against forces impeding Black progress, when all along We should have been prepared to tackle Our current-day issues with an established Black-centered infrastructure, ran similarly to a separate government, or at the very least, a federation of governing bodies.

U.S. Capitalism and the Miseducation of the African Child: An AllEyesOnDC Reflection

To carry our fight for liberation forward, young people must yearn to make the world a better place and combat all forms of evil. That cannot be done in environments where material wealth is the goal. I’m not saying that to criticize parents aiming to curb negative behavior by withholding gifts, but to challenge us as a People to push our youth to strive for their best so that it benefits the global ecosystem, not just their ego.

Young Women Criticize EMOC Initiative during Town Hall

Participants discussed what they considered the best means of connecting young women of color to resources that can aid them in safely navigating the school system and having a healthy coming of age.

Parity in Education: The Key to Socioeconomic Parity in a Gentrified City

When members of the DC Council broke ground on the site of Fort Totten Square in late January, they lauded the mixed-used development as the right step into the 21st century.  Onlookers, including longtime residents of the Riggs Park in... Continue Reading →

All Eyes On DC, Episode 1 – Sam Talks With Darla Bunting About Early Childhood Literacy Darla Bunting, an executive board member of First Book DC and former teacher, talks with Sam P.K. Collins about it all - books, early childhood education, public vs. charter schools, etc. This short interview puts all the issues on... Continue Reading →

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