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D.C. Council Missed the Mark with TOPA Single-Family Home Exemption

It’s incumbent on the D.C. Council as a unit to think long and hard about the implications of this move.

A Conversation with kweliTV’s DeShuna Spencer

In this AllEyesOnDC video, DeShuna Spencer and AllEyesOnDC host Sam P.K. Collins chat about kweliTV’s humble beginnings and projects in the works before exploring why it’s important that people of African descent create and support films that accurately portray the complexity of their lives and heritage.

Healing Mama Liberia, One Shipment at a Time

Since launching her nonprofit Delivering Good Community Health Services International in 2012, Moore has collected and shipped hundreds of pounds of medical supplies to Liberia.

Nomad Yard Collectiv “Pops Up” on 14th Street

Under a deal between Andy Shallal, restaurateur and owner of Mulebone and Desiree Venn Frederic, Nomad Yard’s founder and curator, eight vendors of vintage goods will set up shop in the newly renovated restaurant. There, a bevy of customers, many of whom represent D.C.’s professional class, will be able to purchase custom-made clothes and jewelry while connecting with members of D.C.’s burgeoning creative community.

Meet the Brothers and Sisters Who Bought Black before It Was Cool

People of African descent across the United States refused to participate in mass consumerism last weekend, choosing instead to spend Black Friday with family and on the front lines of protests against major corporations they say fuel a system bent... Continue Reading →

African Unification Hosts Workshop about Personal Finance

Even with the political and social gains made in recent decades, many black families across the country remain mired in debt and generational poverty.  Experts and common folk alike agree that a substantial change in the status quo will require... Continue Reading →

Local Business Owners Talk about Their Journey

Four local business owners/financial advisers visited AllEyesOnDC in September 2015 to discuss their foray into business before dozens of people of various ages and professional backgrounds.

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