In the spirit of Sankofa, Sam P.K. Collins works his hardest in providing enrichment that exposes young people to words and strengthens their writing skills. During ten-week sessions, he guides students along a writing process — including brainstorming, idea mapping, outlining, and writing – that enables them to pen their best, most-thought provoking work.

His curricula, elements of which are taken from his experiences as a journalist, will compel students to writing about their life experiences and that of their people around them. In doing so, they learn writing structures, clear organization, effective writing while sharpening grammar skills often overlooked in the age of social media. These classes are perfect for students at any level.


Single session – $60

10 writing sessions (Meet once a week) – $500 (up to 15 students)


Telling Your Story 101

For centuries, the hunter has told, and even manipulated, the lion’s story, leaving entire disenfranchised communities powerless and without knowledge of self. No longer! In “Telling Your Story 101,” students will find their voice, write about their life experiences, and weigh in on the issues of the day in a manner that betters society.

Journalism 101

During the Reconstruction Era, journalist and activist Ida B. Wells brought the nation’s attention to the rampant lynching of black men, women, and children throughout the South. Her reporting proved so effective, that she had to leave Memphis out of fear for her life. Today, she counts among the most famous black media figures in history for shedding light on this atrocity.

These days, the written word is more important than ever, especially since the major newspapers have reduced their staff and the public has more resources to produce independent content. Because of shrinking newsroom budgets and lack of interest in local stories, some of the major entities in the newspaper industry often overlook the trials and tribulations of the “little people.” That’s why the next generation of journalists must be able to represent their communities and write effectively about what they see in their world.

In “Journalism 101 Bootcamp,” students will learn the elements of good writing and journalism and use them to produce an original piece that focuses on an area of interest to them. This article will include input from community figures, public officials, and everyday people. In ten weeks, they would have undergone the entire brainstorming, interviewing, and writing process and have an understanding of what it takes to produce a full news piece.

For more information, send an email to or call/text Sam at 202-306-6294.